Given the current pandemic situation over COVID-19 and following Government guidelines, we’ve decided to postpone the forthcoming workshop on Deviation Settlement Mechanism, scheduled on 23 April 2020 at Hotel Hilton, Mumbai.
The decision is in need to prioritize the health and safety of our PARTICIPANTS, SPEAKERS, IMPORTANT DIGNATORIES, our employees and every citizen of our country.
We remain committed to the power sector and shall announce new dates and venue for the workshop shortly and personally inform all participants. For any queries you may reach us at +91 98560 98360.

Workshop on
Implementation of
Deviation Settlement Mechanism

23 April 2020 at Hotel Hilton, Mumbai


In order to develop proper understanding of the amended regulation an interactive workshop is organised on Implementation of Deviation Settlement Mechanism; scheduled on 23 April 2020 at Hotel Hilton, Mumbai. The discussion is expected to provide better insight into the philosophy of amended regulation and implementation thereof.

Brief Introduction

The developing countries have sustained power shortage problem compared to developed countries for many reasons, mostly financial in nature. Mismatch between power generation and demands, results in deviation of system frequency and tie-line power. Automatic Generation Control (AGC) is a very indispensable control strategy in electric power system, utilized to maintain the tie-line-power flows stipulated tolerances and to hold the system frequency at or very close to a specified nominal value. Each unit generates most economic values and also maintains the correct value of share of power generations between generators, for mitigating growing power demands.

In India, before introduction of Availability Based Tariff (ABT) grid was undisciplined. There was large variation in the grid frequency. After implementation of ABT grid frequency was narrowed as well as grid was disciplined. Main aim of ABT was to increase generation capacity of the nation but it was taken as a profit making entity. Deviation Settlement Mechanism (DSM) is a regulatory mechanism by which grid stability is achieved by imposing penalty and incentives for over drawl/injection or under drawl/injection from the schedule. DSM is a frequency linked mechanism. It is not related to any market conditions.

The management of grid imbalances plays a crucial role in maintaining a secure and reliable grid, and ensuring a healthy and robust interplay across the power generation, transmission and distribution segments. The central regulator, together with system operators, is taking steps to ensure secure and reliable grid operations in a rapidly changing market scenario.

Any power system needs to balance the generation and consumption of energy over multiple timeframes from seconds, hours, days and even years ahead. There is always deviation in actual generation from scheduled generation and actual drawl from scheduled drawl. There will always be differences between the contracted volumes and the actual metered volumes. Thus, to handle these differences (or imbalances) in real time, there is a need for imbalance handling mechanism. The imbalance handling mechanism has been in operation at the inter-state level for nearly 15 years.


The workshop is expected to provide better insight into the philosophy, develop proper understanding and implementation of amended regulation thereof


It is requested to nominate concern officers from your organisation in the field of Commercial Accounting to attend the aforesaid workshop.

- Ashwinkumar Khatri, Director General


Important Dignitaries Speaking at the Workshop

*Invited & Confirmation Awaited


Shri VP Raja

Former Chairman - MERC

Smt. Shaila A


Shri Mukesh Khullar

Member - MERC

Shri Ashwinkumar

DG - MissionEnergy

Shri S K Soonee

Advisor - POSOCO

Ms. Suruchi Sawhney

Senior Consultant - KPMG

Shri Abhijit Deshpande

Secretary – MERC 

Satyanarayan S

Member Secretary – WRPC


09.00 Hrs

Registration & Welcome Tea

10.00 Hrs

Welcome Address

Shri VP Raja, Former Chairman - MERC
Shri Ashwinkumar, DG - Mission Energy Foundation

10.15 Hrs

Chief Guest Welcome Address

Smt. Shaila A, CMD - MAHAGENCO

11.00 Hrs

DSM Methodically Explained by CERC

14.00 Hrs

Predictive Challenges for MERC in Implementing DSM in Maharashtra

Shri Abhijit Deshpande, Secretary – MERC 

15.30 Hrs

Duties & Role of SLDCs in Smooth Implementation of DSM

Shri Satyanarayan S, Member Secretary – WRPC
Shri S K Soonee, Advisor - POSOCO

17.00 Hrs

Technical Summary on DSM

Ms. Suruchi Sawhney, Senior Consultant - KPMG

18.00 Hrs

Workshop Conclusion: Thank You Note

Shri Ashwinkumar, DG - Mission Energy Foundation

18.30 Hrs

Networking Cocktail Snacks


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Workshop Venue

Hotel Hilton

Sahar Airport Rd, Ashok Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099

022 2838 0000


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